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Non-Uniformed Services

Our Non-Uniformed Services division includes Investigations, Protective Officers, and our Communications Center.​


Our communications division is the nerve center of our company. 
Our dispatch maintains radio communication with field personnel and handles incoming and outgoing calls.


Heartland offers a wide range of investigative services.  Our investigative team is comprised of State of Texas licensed investigators who not only meet state requirements but attend continuing education classes and receive continual on-the-job training.  Heartland is licensed and insured to provide and fulfill any investigative needs of our clients, including but not limited to:

Our investigators are well trained and equipped with the most up to date surveillance technology.  This training, coupled with the tools available allow us to offer insurance providers a verifiable record of day-to day activities of suspected fraudulent claims.

From pre-employment to pre-marital we can provide extensive background information on any individual.  These investigations are carried out in a discreet and lawful manner and will provide the client with a a detailed understanding of the subject's background in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read report.

Heartland is able to provide employers with avast array of tools and services to verify employee productivity.  From hidden cameras to computer monitoring tools to covert surveillance and GPS tracking of company vehicles we stand ready to assist employers in developing a custom tailored plan which allows employers to have access to all information necessary to make sound decisions when the termination of an employee is inevitable.

The decision to have your loved one investigated is difficult to make.  If you have to make that decision, Heartland is capable of performing a detailed and discreet investigation designed to either verify your suspicions or give you peace of mind.  With the use of covert technology, surveillance, and superior training we will make sure you have the factual detailed information on which to make a possibly life-changing decision.

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