Officer daily duties may include the following tasks:

Stationary Officers

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Uniformed Services

Our Uniformed Services division includes our patrol and post officers​

Patrol Division

Patrol is staffed by our company’s most qualified officers. 
We offer both 12 and 24 hour service. 
12 hour service begins at 6:00pm and ends at 6:00am. Patrol service provides random patrol during service hours as well as call response. 
Our officers are dispatched by our communications center and provide property management with detailed documentation regarding the nature and resolution of every call for service.  In the event of a major incident on property, patrol will assist law enforcement and emergency personnel while relaying information to dispatch for further dissemination to company management and property management.

Post Officers

Depending on your budget and your property’s requirements, armed or unarmed post officers may be assigned to your property.  The fixed post officers can manage access control, traffic flow, parking regulations and enforcement of community policies and regulations. During shift these officers also maintain watch for suspicious persons and vehicles. Our officers will also interact with residents or tenants, staff and visitors in a professional manner.

  • Walk / patrol continuously through the property
  • Continual fire watch
  • Complete Daily Activity Reports
  • Monitor traffic flow through the property
  • Enforcement of property rules and regulations
  • Assist in parking rule enforcement
  • Watch for criminal activity
  • Respond to calls for service
  • Perform other activities as instructed
  (972) 263-6800